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Ready to work with Hey K?


Hey K Marketing offers you several packages depending on where you're at with your marketing needs.

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Kickoff Package


Hey K will work with you to clarify your vision, your goals and will create a strategy and implementation plan customized just for you. We can either leave the plan in the hands of your capable team to implement, or look at how Hey K can support your goals longer term.  


Keener Package


A 90-day partnership with Hey K for the implementation of a specific campaign across multiple platforms. We’ll establish clear goals, tactics, work with your team to develop any content, adjust as necessary throughout the campaign, ensure tools are in place to measure impact and report on results. 


Keeper Package


A long-term partnership with Hey K. We will look after everything on an on-going basis from campaign ideas and strategies, content creation, implementation to platform management, monitoring and reporting. 

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Get K time when you need it


If you need Hey K to help you here and there,
you can also work with K on call by purchasing blocks of
K Time when you need it. From a short meeting where you need some advice to working on a larger project,
K Time offers flexibility.


Blocks are available for purchase
in 5, 10, 25, 40, 90 hours at a time.


A custom package just for you


If you have a specific project that doesn’t fit in to the packages above, Hey K can provide you with a custom package to meet your needs.


Contact us with a brief description of your project
and we’ll connect with you. 

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Quick Wins​


If you're looking for a quick win, Hey K offers several "a la carte" projects. 

These projects are small and specific in scope and will offer immediate results and insight.

Landing page lead generator

Hey K will create a custom landing page with a lead magnet intended to capture email addresses of potential customers. Recommended to be done in conjunction with a digital  or print ad campaign because publishing a landing page is just the beginning.

Digital ad campaign

Hey K will create, manage and report on a specific ad campaign on one digital platform (Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) 

Digital content audit

Hey K will complete an audit of your current digital content and platforms to identify opportunities for improved results. 

Basic website search engine optimization

For small websites (fewer than 50 pages) Hey K can review your website content to make some simple updates for improved search engine performance. 

Customer experience map

Gain insight into the journey your customers take from the moment they identify a need for your offering to them becoming a brand ambassador. The experience map helps understand the current state of the customer experience, opportunities for improvements and helps inform future product/service direction. 

Persona development

Hey K will work with you to create a persona summary for a specific target customer group. Understanding a target audience - how they feel, what their needs are, how they make decisions - will help fine tune future marketing strategies and tactics. 

Email campaign

Creation and implementation of a three-message automated email campaign to a specified stakeholder group using an existing outreach list. At the end of the campaign you'll be provided with a report on engagement including bounced emails for future clean up. ​

Media releases

I​If you have news to share and you’d like to engage the media, Hey K can work with you to prepare a media release for distribution. The release will be prepared in a proper structure for media engagement including factual information, quotes from relevant parties, and contact information for further media or the public follow-up. 

Slide deck/presentations

Creating compelling presentations for a live audience is often a daunting task. Hey K can take your information and create slide decks and associated speaking notes that will resonate with your audience. 

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