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The Hey K Approach​

There are two key things that are at the heart of everything that we do at Hey K Marketing. With every decision, strategy, tactic, design and approach that we take, we think about people, their feelings, their values, their needs. And we think about how we'll feed the robots. 

Be human.​


When we understand what people value as well as how they think, feel and do things, we can find ways to improve their lives. Our process starts with an understanding of the people we're serving and ends with a tailor-made solution to suit their needs. 

We work with empathy and seek understanding. We tell stories of people, whether they are customers, communities and companies. And we look for ways to improve them all. We believe in "being excellent to each other" and that you can do well by doing good. 

In the work that we do with you, Hey K will take a human-centered approach and will always remember that people are what this is all about. 

Feed the robots.


Face it, robots are real and most of us interact with them every single day. They're called computers and they were created by humans to enhance our lives. And we have become so dependent on them. 

Digital is not optional. We rely on these robots to give us the information we're looking for, quickly and accurately. We expect a lot of our robots, but we have to remember that they can only provide the information as we have given it to them. Garbage in, garbage out. 

In order for us to get the value from these robots, we have to ensure that we feed them information in a way that they can understand it, so that they can eventually share it with people who are looking for it. 


In the work that we do with you, Hey K will ensure that the content and systems we're creating are robot-ready so we can serve the audience we want to reach. 


Ultimately, even when we're thinking about robots, it's still all about people.  

Want to learn more about Hey K?​ 

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